NQP Adopts New Corporate Motto

According to this post from Gizmodo, Google and parent company Alphabet have removed “don’t be evil” from their corporate code of conduct. Here at NQP, we have long admired their strong ethical stance. They have clearly claimed the moral high ground in stating that they do not wish to be evil.

Of course, when you say you do not want to be evil, there is still nothing stopping you from doing evil. Saint Paul had to deal with this dilemma and wrote about it in Romans 7:19 (NRSV).

For I do not do the good I want, but the evil I do not want is what I do.

In other words, Google, Saint Paul feels your pain.

Here at NQP, we are not inclined to criticize a company for using its monopolistic power to crush upstart competitors, avoid corporate taxes and dictate terms to users and advertisers alike. Truth be told, we would love to have that kind of monopoly power. Even a small slice. Maybe the chance to enjoy some of those ill-gotten gains that others talk about at the club. Unfortunately, in this life, Google has multiple hotels on Boardwalk and Park Place while we struggle to come up with the rent when we land on Mediterranean Avenue.

Still, we are not envious of Google. Envy is the fourth of the seven deadly sins. We are still working on Greed after taking a pass on Pride. We do not envy Google but wish to emulate them. This has been the driving force behind the creation of our new corporate motto. It might seem to be obvious as most major corporations appear to have this as their unofficial, unspoken motto. But, after numerous Google searches, we hereby claim to be the first to use this as the official motto of NotQuiteProfitable:

Don’t Get Caught.

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