Correction: is not a “FORTUNE 8” Company

Fortune Cookie and MoneyWe have to correct a misconception that was caused by a misquote in a recent press release. The misconception was spread widely after being retweeted by our in-house staff of anonymous reviewers and then linked to status updates on most of our relatives’ Facebook pages.

The error was simply the result of too great a reliance on speech recognition technology. While dictating a press announcement, one of our staffers said that “ was a fortunate company.” The speech recognition software interpreted this incorrectly and what came out on the page was “ was a FORTUNE 8 company.”

We regret any inconvenience this has caused, but as a result of this incident we were amazed to learn that the SEC does know who we are and, in spite of limited resources, they have their eyes on us.

The staffer responsible has since been severely reprimanded and promoted as a result of their error.

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