APPLE/IPHONEOK, so this post has nothing to do with Steve Jobs but all of the available pictures about “jobs” were depressing. Nothing but shots of unemployment lines and soup kitchens. So I thought, “Why not use a picture that will draw attention to this post instead of some gloomy shot of Detroit autoworkers in a long line that will just bum everybody out?” And a picture of Steve Jobs is certainly going to attract attention. The Apple fan boys will read this just to see what we say about their hero. The Apple haters will not read this but they will visit this post just so they can post comments like “Apple s**ks”. Win-win. Either way they visit this post. As a side note, the “Apple s**ks” comments won’t even see the light of an LED screen because they will violate our policy on user comments which is strictly, if somewhat arbitrarily, enforced.

Anyway, I have been stuck here doing copywriting for months without any break from the monotony. There is no recognition of my efforts and I rarely get notified of office parties or what bar everyone is meting at tonight. I knew I should have taken more math and science courses but that is not where the cool people hung out. I thought my senior paper on “The Diversity of Being Different” would have resulted in countless job offers, but this was the only place that returned my emails. I heard “decent wage and a window desk”. What I got was minimum wage and a Windows desktop in the basement.

Bottom line? If you are looking for a job, do two things. First, hit the back button on your browser until you get back to Youtube. You may not find a job there, but it was a good way to spend the last two hours. What could it hurt to spend another few minutes following links that involve animals, skateboards and musical instruments?

Second, if you do find a place that is hiring, then and only then, come back here and leave me a note. I’m taking a course at the community college on “HTML for Humanities Majors” so I will be able to tackle any technical work that might come up. Seriously. I need out of here. References available on request.


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