NQP Unveils a Newer Logo

NQP's new new logoIn the time honored tradition of rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, our crack Corporate Marketing team has created yet another new logo for NotQuiteProfitable.com. While some may say that the ink is not yet dry on the new business cards, stationary and product packaging from our last new logo, we ask, “Why would we use letterhead, forms and boxes that have wet ink on them?”

In the past (2 days ago, specifically) we had relied on marketing studies, focus groups and highly-paid consultants to achieve results that were, by most standards, substantially below average. Seeking to improve on that and yet with no budget, we took a different approach to the creation of this logo. Previous graphics had been designed in-house, but the new visual identity we were seeking required a fresh approach and some new thinking. With that in mind, the marketing team met at an secret, offsite location. Now that the logo has been shown to the world, we can share with everyone that the groundbreaking work was accomplished using a plain ballpoint pen on a Paradise Bar and Grill cocktail napkin. The original design was almost lost to the world when one of the marketing VPs knocked over a full pitcher of margaritas, soaking the napkin that had been used for the initial rough draft. Fortunately our hostess, Kelly, was quick thinking and brought out additional napkins that literally turned the tide.

Knowing that it would be the most dramatic change in our visual identity since earlier this week, we wanted to be sure that our new logo was a fitting image to use as we head toward the opportunities we will face in the coming week. The previous blue arrow reminded too many people of a heart monitor and was in the words of one person, “too much of a downer.” In its place, the new color scheme with black ink gradually changing to red ink communicates our financial status and builds upon the strong branding of NotQuiteProfitable.com.

The new logo has an additional benefit in that when we reach the point of actually being a profitable enterprise, we need only rotate the logo 90 degrees and the arrow will now be pointed “up and to the right”. By the simple act of turning our product boxes on their sides and using a different orientation when handing out our business cards, we will be able to continue to use existing packaging and paper products. Credit for this reuse concept goes to our new Marketing Department Assistant, Kelly.

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