Survey Incorrectly Claims Managers Are Not Listening


Last month we introduced you to a new program that was designed to give the appearance that management was listening to our associates. We were more than a bit surprised that this was necessary since we had told all the associates in the past that we were listening. However, the Management Open Line was created in response to feedback in the recent survey of all of the Associates working for NQP.

The initial survey revealed that there was a strong feeling amongst the Associates on the following topics:

  1. NQP Management does not listen to Associates.
  2. NQP Management fails to follow through on commitments.
  3. A third thing that no one could seem to remember, but it was apparently really important to a number of people.

Based on the unexpected results, the Executive Committee commissioned a second survey. The followup survey was necessary because we could not believe the first survey was providing an accurate picture of our Associates’ perceptions. Unfortunately, the second survey provided the same answer as the first. We are embarrassed to admit that we had created two flawed surveys. With this evidence in hand, we took fast and firm action and fired all of the individuals involved in creating the surveys since they had not been able to get it right with two tries. We are clearly in need of a third survey which we are sure will provide a more accurate picture. A call has gone out for volunteers to staff this effort but for some reason there has been a delay in getting people to accept this responsibility. Anyone who is interested in joining a task force that will receive a great deal of attention from senior management should contact HR .

Here at we have a history of refusing to let bad data, or even no data, stand in our way. Not wanting to wait for the third survey, the Executive Committee determined that they might as well act on at least one of the recommendations from the flawed surveys on the off chance that there was something valuable to be learned. Therefore, in response to the highest priority item, a team of senior managers set to work. They immediately began to prepare to plan the implementation of a trial run of a conceptual study into the feasibility of bringing the expectations of Associates into alignment with the current reality as we know it. As of today, they have made great progress and within the next quarter they expect to determine whether they will be using a PERT chart or a Gantt chart to track the project. We hope this demonstration of our commitment to our people will ensure a better result in this year’s survey for “The 100 Best Companies to Work For in the US.” For some unknown reason we were left off the list last year.

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