The Freedom that comes from not having a revenue stream

wealth of penniesWhen you look at it one way, we are very fortunate. Many corporations have to worry about protecting the source of their income. Anyone involved in the movie industry has to be careful about biting the hand that feeds them and so they must be very careful in what they say about those who produce their content. The Democratic party has to say nice things about the unions in spite of how they act and the Republican party needs to pretend that the most egregious acts of large corporations are somehow in the best interests of free enterprise. Makers of traditional PCs have to be careful that they aren’t too successful making tablets that cut into the profit margins of their PC lines. That last one is a strange one since they have no profit margins on their PC lines and they certainly have not been anything close to successful selling tablets. At any rate, even the slow among you will find enough examples there.

Unlike the companies and parties in those examples, have no revenue stream to speak of. As a result, we can be free to say pretty much what we want, when we want. No one is listening anyway.

To be completely honest, we would give up that freedom in exchange for a bit of revenue. Just a bit. We’re not greedy. Well, not very greedy.

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