Laughing – just not all the way to the bank

Please Pay Here 3-14-09 19We could have been all coy and even deceitful to ask for “donations” as if we were a nonprofit. This would be deceitful when, in fact, ¬†as our name proclaims, we are not “non-profit”, we are just are not quite profitable YET. We have every intention of becoming profitable but it has been a rough year.

At any rate, if you want to give us money out of the goodness of your heart … scratch that… we just looked at the last ten web sites you frequented and you should be ashamed. If you do not have a good heart, then just give us money because we asked. You should feel better as a result and if you don’t, you can rest assured that we will feel better in direct proportion to the amount you give.

Any funds that you provide will help us to maintain the high quality content on this website and maybe buy a beer or two.


There is that better? I know I feel refreshed. In fact that felt so good, I think you should do it again. Don’t hesitate to scale the amount up to cover the charge that PayPal will hit us with.

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