Policy on User Comments

The House of Leaves - Burning 8We do not believe in censorship in any form. We should be able to say whatever the (expletive deleted) we want without worrying about some idiot with a blue pencil making hash of our prose. On the other hand, we do reserve the right to edit, ignore or delete any comments entered by you, the great unwashed masses.

If you make comments that are clever, complimentary (towards us) or even mildly entertaining, then we will usually allow the comment to be posted.

If you make comments that are dull, derogatory (towards us) or with no redeeming social value (love that phrase, don’t you?) then we will usually drop your text into the proverbial bit bucket.¬†Speaking of the proverbial bit bucket, we read through the Book of Proverbs, the sayings of Confucius. Poor Richard’s Almanac and any other source of proverbs we could lay our hands on and none of them made any reference to a bit bucket. Is there a conspiracy theory that could be made of this?¬†If you make comments that illuminate the concept of a bit bucket, we may or may not let them pass.

In summary, we will not allow any ignorant, rude or blasphemous comments. We get enough of that in the office. If you do not like this policy, then you are free to comment on it at some other site.

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