Don’t wish upon a star

Andromeda, again.

You might think we are being self-serving in making this recommendation since we would rather you give your money to us. While that is true we are also motivated by a sincere concern for your welfare since the simple act of buying a star may bring down death and destruction on your house and possibly an apocalyptic end to the world as we know it.

Think about it for a moment. Imagine you name a star “Edith” after your significant other and then mention it while on a cell phone conversation with your mother. Your conversation is just one of the billions of messages that our planet is inadvertently broadcasting to the cosmos every hour through our profligate use of the electromagnetic spectrum. Eventually, the news reaches the highly advanced, but still carnivorous race living on a planet circling the star XYZ. They learn that some upstart creature has had the gall to name their star Edith. What do you think will happen when they come here to find the humanoid that committed this act of desecration on their sacred home system? Do you know what aliens can do? Have you seen “The War of the Worlds?” Those guys from Mars were, by comparison, from our neighborhood, and look at what they did to us. Have you seen “Battleship?” Probably not, because not many people did, but it also proves our point.

You are much better off giving your money to us. It is safer for you and the planet you call home.

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